You who are on the road . . .…

You who are on the road
Must have a code that you can live by
And so become yourself . . .

Crosby Stills and Nash.

While on the road recently, I decided to drop off the radar and camp at a North Florida hunting camp with only 6 spots to camp in. It was a no frills place with one fresh water spigot and a vault toilet.  I wanted to drag my feet for a couple days and what better place than in the middle of nowhere?

There I met a fellow. He was a bit down on his luck but by no means was down and out!  Gothimo Britt Moore is his name.  He is a cancer survivor!  Apparently he was a pro wrestler at one point.  Today he is chasing from music venues to music venue and video recording performances for whatever purpose.  He left Colorado in November heading for Key West.  He was riding a Harley Sportster and apparently left town in a blizzard.  Been there, done that!  Somewhere in Oklahoma he acquired a small trailer he could tow behind his bike which made things a bit easier as he could carry a tent and such. He made it to the panhandle and his bike was spitting out oil as fast as he could pour it in.  He made it as far as Sopchoppy Florida which is where I met him. He had been living in a tent for about 3 weeks while some “motorcycle shop” diagnosed his problem.  Finally, it was determined that it was a rocker box gasket and the shop ordered parts to repair it.  Uh . . . . The parts didn’t arrive and finally Britt collected his oil spewing scooter and headed to Tallahassee.  Britt is a pretty sharp guy who has been around the block.  I enjoyed getting to know him.

Cheers Britt.  I hope your ride is long and enjoyable.  Ride safe!




Annual visit to Circle B Bar Reserve

Puppy and I got up early yesterday and drove out to Circle B Bar Reserve, one of my must visit spots when I am in Florida. Hurricane Irma really damaged it. trees are down everywhere and the best part of the trail along the lake is closed.

I still enjoyed seeing some wildlife. For the first time I saw a Bald Eagle there. It was sitting in a nest that was mostly obscured by cypress trees in front of it. But still, I got to see the eagle.

Of course, I got to see lots of other critters.

I’m sure I’ll return next year. Hopefully this marvelous wildlife preservation area will be fully recovered by then.


At the corner of the Big Bend on the…

Puppy and I are wandering around in the south.  A 10 mile drive down a side road through the Saint Marks National Wildlife Refuge will bring you to Saint Marks Lighthouse.  The wildlife refuge has both salt and fresh water and is home to quite a few species of wildlife.  The lighthouse marks the entrance to the Saint Marks River and is the 2nd oldest lighthouse in Florida.


Puppy and I are brainstorming.

We’re getting antsy. It’s soon time for our annual Oysters n Beer Odyssey.

I wonder just how many places along the gulf coast we can stop and eat oysters. I mean really good oysters. Not those overgrown tasteless ones like I had from Louisiana last year. And while we’re on the road, where can I find some good subjects or places to photograph?

I’m still searching for derelict boats to shoot. The challenge is finding one close enough to a place I can park MOBI and proceed on foot or perhaps deploy the motorbike to get there. I’ll keep looking. I’ll always keep looking. For the next and then the next.


December snow

Yesterday we had quite a snow event here.  And it is snowing again this morning.  I measured 9 inches.  I listen to the emergency services, the road department and the power company on a radio and most if the time it is silent.  But, when we have a severe storm or wild fires or such, these folks all get busy.  Yesterday was one of those days.  We were without electricity here for nearly 5 hours.

Though it was snowing pretty hard and very grey out, I grabbed a couple cameras and jumped in the Kubota all-terrain vehicle and went looking for something to photograph.  Ha!  The snow was flying and pretty deep, we pretty much had white-out conditions and there were some icy places.  It’s a shame I had to leave the puppy home due to complications form surgery last week. I know that experiencing snow for the first time would been fun to watch.

About a mile and a quarter from the house is an old abandoned farm.  It is one of my favorite places to shoot some photographs.  The old barn and silos have been prominent in my work.  Here are a couple images from there yesterday.



You’re invited

We invite you to tag along with us as we knock about the country and beyond in an RV named MOBI.  You wont see much Interstate or major highway travel here.  I try to stick to two lane roads, small towns or wide open spaces. 

While we are on the road enjoying our nomadic life, I try not to plan too far ahead unless I absolutely must when necessity dictates to check an item off my bucket list.  The usual modus operandi is to investigate our next landing spot the day before leaving our current one.  While I enjoy this ad-hoc travel planning for the most part, there are times I wish the dog could read a map and assist with deciding which way to go next.  This is an area where you can help.  Suggestions are always welcome

Oh, and I most certainly will take advantage of a driveway or nice flat parking lot to settle in for the night if it is convenient and I’m not going to reach the next destination that day.  Wally World is just fine for a night.  And speaking of reaching destinations, I try to limit my travel to 300 miles or less (way less if possible) each day.  We’ve had days where we drove 37 miles and then days that seemed like marathons.  100 to 200 miles is just about perfect when one is driving at 50 mph or less.  And I do try to keep the speed down to a comfortable viewing level.  

For much of my travel I am without internet.  When I land somewhere that I can connect to the world wide web I post some updates.  If I have moderate cell coverage (rare at times) I will at least post a picture or two from my smart phone and make a quick update.

We wander and look for places to see and photograph.  So, please join us and feel free to comment.


Paul and the Puppy

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Maryland Inn – Is it haunted?

When I first saw it I instantly thought of the Flat Iron building in New York.  The very acute angle of the intersection struck me as quite similar.

Sightings of ghosts from every era in Maryland’s history have been reported at the Maryland Inn, particularly in the basement, where the foundation predates the inn. Figures in ancient uniforms have been seen coming from the direction of the iron-gated old basement wine cellar, moving toward where the cozy taproom used to beckon with its promise of companionship and beer. Employees of the inn tell stories of hearing voices in the empty dining room, catching a sudden and very strong whiff of pipe tobacco, finding objects moved inexplicably out of place, or hearing footsteps in vacant guest rooms (especially those on the fourth floor).  excerpt from

Why I believe I see the Robinsons standing there in front of the Inn.  Well, coo coo ca-choo to you Mrs Robinson.


Bethlehem Steel

My usual MO is to figure out where I’ll land next the night before or even the day I depart my current location.  I was leaving Clinton MA, heading to West Grove PE which is down in the corner next to Delaware and Maryland.  Since I don’t care to travel major highways, I looked for a place to stop for the night that would allow me to check out some out of the way places. 

I identified the Sands Casino in Bethlehem PA. I had no clue what Bethlehem was like.  Perfect! Off I went.

Whoa!! the Casino was built on the grounds of the old steel mill in the heart of town.  As usual, I found parking in the most remote parking lot and settled in.  It was very late in the day, I was tired and we settled in for the night right next to a huge abandoned industrial structure.  I suspected it was part of the steel mill.

During the night, I could hear faint bits of music and voices drifting through the abandoned buildings.  It was eerie to say the least.  As on most days, the dog and I were up before the sun rose.  We walked around a bit while I enjoyed coffee.  As daylight approached, I grabbed a camera and shot some photos of the old building.  Shortly, casino security came by and I flagged them down. I asked if this was the old Bethlehem Steel plant.  They said it was and then pointed toward some stairs on the edge of the parking lot and said I could climb them and walk on an elevated catwalk that wandered through the steel mill buildings right up close to the blast furnace.  WOW!  What a treat.  It was awesome.

The catwalk stretches on along several buildings and has signs explaining what they were and discusses the history of Bethlehem Steel.  I noticed that there was an amphitheater across the street from the steel mill.  So, that’s where the music came from.  Not long after I was there, Arlo Guthrie played there.  He described the steel mill in a most eloquent way.

For me, it was and unexpected and very moving experience.