Jackson Hole WY

Looking across Jackson Hole from the summit of Signal Mountain.

Early morning at the Grand Tetons

These are two different images shot a couple days apart but around the same time of the morning.  Early morning! July 2018

The Moon, Mars, Neptune and Saturn above Jackson Lake and the Tetons.

Gazing upon the Grand Tetons never gets old.

I found Mars quite illuminating

While I was at the Tetons several weeks ago, the planet Mars was very prominent in the morning sky.  I was fortunate that the Moon was setting early which left me a night sky with lots of twinkling stars.

Here is an image of the Grand Teton range from across Jackson Lake with Mars being more visible than I’ve ever witnessed.  It was shot shortly before 0500.

December snow

Yesterday we had quite a snow event here.  And it is snowing again this morning.  I measured 9 inches.  I listen to the emergency services, the road department and the power company on a radio and most if the time it is silent.  But, when we have a severe storm or wild fires or such, these folks all get busy.  Yesterday was one of those days.  We were without electricity here for nearly 5 hours.

Though it was snowing pretty hard and very grey out, I grabbed a couple cameras and jumped in the Kubota all-terrain vehicle and went looking for something to photograph.  Ha!  The snow was flying and pretty deep, we pretty much had white-out conditions and there were some icy places.  It’s a shame I had to leave the puppy home due to complications form surgery last week. I know that experiencing snow for the first time would been fun to watch.

About a mile and a quarter from the house is an old abandoned farm.  It is one of my favorite places to shoot some photographs.  The old barn and silos have been prominent in my work.  Here are a couple images from there yesterday.


Maine’s coast is dotted with them

Up and down Maine’s coast are countless coves.  Some large, some small.  Some in populated areas and some remote.  Each one is unique and all are interesting and fun to explore.