Dawn in Nebraska

Sunrise on a two lane road in between Greeley and Spalding Nebraska.


Early morning at the Grand Tetons

These are two different images shot a couple days apart but around the same time of the morning.  Early morning! July 2018

The Moon, Mars, Neptune and Saturn above Jackson Lake and the Tetons.

Gazing upon the Grand Tetons never gets old.

I found Mars quite illuminating

While I was at the Tetons several weeks ago, the planet Mars was very prominent in the morning sky.  I was fortunate that the Moon was setting early which left me a night sky with lots of twinkling stars.

Here is an image of the Grand Teton range from across Jackson Lake with Mars being more visible than I’ve ever witnessed.  It was shot shortly before 0500.

Deja Vu

In June of 2016 while traveling on the Heartland Rewind RoadTour, on my way from Moab to the Tetons and Yellowstone I let the GPS choose a route up through Idaho on a two lane road.  We had been on the road for a few hours when we came upon this old building.

Idaho Line Shack

It caught my eye so I found a spot to pull over and shot a few frames.

My normal MO is to let the GPS choose my routes (after I review and eliminate major highways).  Sometimes I regret it. But most of the time it takes me through small towns and interesting scenery, usually with very little traffic.

Fast forward 25 months.
This year when I left Grand Teton, I headed west through Idaho, once again allowing the GPS (a different one than last time) to plot my course.  Mid-morning I came around a bend in hilly country and saw an interesting shack on my left.  I pulled over to investigate.  Something looked strangely familiar.

Idaho Line Shack redux

As soon as I could, I checked images and notes from my time here two years before.  Sure enough, it was the same building.  Oh, the leaves on the vines were green this time and the fields were gold instead of green but we were in the same exact spot only heading in the opposite direction.

Go figure! thousands of miles to wander through and my GPS chose this road in the middle of Idaho farmland . . . again.

Writting the final chapter of RoadTour 2018

We’ve reached the Northwestern terminus of this odyssey.  Really, one can’t get much more Northwest in the lower 48.  We are at Friday Harbor on San Juan Island at the top of Puget Sound in the Salish Sea.

Tomorrow we take the ferry back to the mainland and start our journey home.

Here are a couple photos from the shoreline of San Juan Island.


Chapel of the Transfiguration

When I first visited the Tetons I happened upon this chapel. From the moment I first set foot inside I’ve had this image in my head. Monday morning when I left Grand Teton National Park I stopped and shot several images. Funny, it was raining both times I visited this chapel.

Yes, that’s a window facing Grand Teton.  I suppose that if the sermon gets too boring, one can always daydream of hiking the mountain.


This small log chapel, built in 1925, offers spectacular views of the Teton Mountain Range and a majestic place to pray. The Chapel will seat 65 people with additional seating outside, weather permitting.


On the road in South Dakota

We have finally landed in a spot where the weather is comfortable and with time on our hands, Douglas Wyoming on the North Platte River.  It’s time I posted something from RoadTour 2018.

We’ve wandered west across Tennessee and Arkansas with some fun stops along the way.  Then we went north through Kansas and Nebraska and into South Dakota.  The Black Hills of South Dakota to be precise.  We camped at Wind Cave National Park.  It was hot as the dickens until after sundown and then it was comfortable.  Whew!

The only place I was determined to visit on this trip was Mount Rushmore.  Put a fork in it, its done!

Here are some images from the Mount Rushmore area.

Buffalo at Wind Cave National Park

The Crazy Horse Memorial under construction.

Larry, Curly, Moe and Shemp

Clouds kept drifting in and out, blocking the sunlight so about half the Rushmore images are a little flat. When I return home, I should be able to pull out several good shots.

Sculpting Mount Rushmore was a pretty amazing feat.  You cant help but admire it and then ask yourself why.  Why would someone come out to the middle of nowhere and carve huge busts of presidents in the mountains.  I guess it’s a special kind of stone.  ha ha.

Well, that’s all for now.  I’m going to walk along the river with the doggie.


What Willie said…

On the road again
Goin’ places that I’ve never been
Seein’ things that I may never see again
And I can’t wait to get on the road again

Clancy and I are about to embark on RoadTour 2018.  It’ll be interesting.  As usual, I have no firm idea where we are going or when we’ll get there.  She is 14 months old now and while still a puppy at heart, obeys my commands (most of the time).  We were on the road over the winter and Clancy got a pretty good handle on traveling.  When we return from this RoadTour, I expect she will be an avid camper and explorer.  As I’ve been loading up, Clancy climbs in and takes the passenger seat.  It’s where she and I first spent any time together and I believe she has fond memories of being there.  We drove home in it from Missouri where I got her.  Heck, if I just leave the side door open it wont be long before she is in the seat watching everything or curled up asleep.  Good doggie.

This will be the first trip with the new solar panels and batteries.  I’m looking forward to even more freedom as we explore remote places.

As always, we are delighted for you to tag along.  And, thanks to some of your suggestions while we’ve been on the road, I have explored places I didn’t know existed.  It is good to have you along.  We are heading west this time.  Check back often as I will be posting updates when I land someplace where internet is available.  Speaking of which, unless I’m in the middle of the nowhere, miles from anywhere, the AT&T hotspot on my iPhone does a reasonable job of getting me on the web.

If you’d like to help out with expenses, please click the PayPal link below. Fuel is outrageously expensive these days.