1947 International KB 6 lost in Montana

Abandoned on the Lewis and Clark Trail in Montana is an 1947 International KB 6 truck. Depending upon how it was loaded, road conditions and gearing, it was rated at 14,500 to 18,400 pounds GVW with a 100 horsepower motor.
International KB 6 1947

Off the beaten path

If you don’t mind heading off across the desert on unmarked dirt trails, miles from civilization, you’re bound to find a quiet spot.

I wanted a quiet place to spend the night.  I was in the Utah desert and when I checked the maps, I wasn’t near any campgrounds or for that matter, any civilization.  The land around me appeared to be BLM (Bureau of Land Management land) and I saw a dusty set of tracks heading off toward the horizon.  Hey, it didn’t look like it had rained for days so I wasn’t worried about sinking in mud.  I figured that as long as I was careful and watched for rocks or holes I would be OK.

This is what I found.

Green River BLM Green River BLM Hills Exploring the Green River BLM Green River BLM White Dove over Green River BLM Green River BLM Sunset

It took a bit of exploring but I even found some color.

Green River BLM color

The closest civilization was Green River, a long forgotten town about 40 miles away.  The next day I cruised through the heart of town and checked it out.  Even with the abandoned buildings on Main Street (and there were quite a few), it was clean.  The community even had flower boxes on the corners of the intersections.  It was a bit like stepping a few decades back in time.

Green River Fire Department Green River Dodge Brothers Flatbed Castle Country Motel State Liquor Agency Green River Dodge Brothers Flatbed

I enjoyed seeing the quiet little town and even took a detour on my way back north to visit it again.

Deep in Indian Territory

Off the beaten path in Montana Indian territory stands an abandoned Catholic Church.  It has not been used for years but the cemetery is active and well kept.  Headstones had family names like Longknife and Soldier and given names like Laughing Girl.  I couldn’t help but wonder where the families live.  I did not see anything that appeared to be a village or town for miles but there were dirt tracks close by that disappeared into the distance.

Reservation Parish

Mount Rainier campsite

The rain began shortly after I arrived and continued until just before I was ready to leave.  I stepped out of the RV and walked to this river and grabbed a couple shots before the rain started again.


Primordial Ooze

Yellowstone is truly a unique place.  Oh, there is plenty of wildlife to see and the landscapes are striking.  What really stands out are the live volcanic features.

I always tried to leave the camp early.  Early enough to avoid the tourists. This allowed me to view these features in solitude.  Many times I felt as if I had traveled back in time and was watching the beginnings of our planet.

A primordial ooze appears to be flowing to the surface everywhere you look.

Primordial Ooze

Now the work begins.

The dog and I got home last Friday afternoon.  Ahhhh! After 10,000 miles, I don’t care to drive anywhere for awhile.  ha ha

I just finished moving all the images I shot during the Heartland RoadTour Rewind up to the main storage in the studio  Wow.  It took nearly a day to get all the files moved.  Then a couple more hours teaching lightroom where they all are.

I think I’m all set to begin reviewing the images.  Oh . . . . That will take awhile too.

Here is one I looked at briefly.  Horseshoe Bend in Page Colorado was on my “must see” list.

It is pretty amazing. those small specs down there on the beach in the middle of the bend are large rafts that stopped there while rafting the Colorado River.

Turn the Page

Parting Shot 

The Grand Tetons have been ….. well, in a word, GRAND!

We’re heading out this morning  and our destination is Yellowstone. It’s only a few miles away so it’ll be a short trip. 

If you have wandering feet and have not been to the Grand Tetons, GO! It is an amazing place. 

I stopped at the beach at Colter Village for one last look before heading north. Here is my parting shot. 


Grand Tetons


Dog and I are at The Grand Tetons National Park. What a fantastic place. We’re staying at the Colter Campground. The campground, NOT the RV park with full hookups. :). Hey, the bathrooms have cold running water. It’s quite an upgrade from our recent camping areas. Cell (AT&T) coverage is poor at the campsite. How can I have 3 bars of 3G and not be able to access the Internet?

We got up early to catch some photos yesterday and today. Yesterday we went on to do the 50+ mile loop through the park. What a delight!

Idaho Falls

I decided to stop for the day in Idaho Falls. I’m not sure about the rest of the city but the area where I landed is lovely.

They get nearly all their electricity from a single hydroelectric station on the Snake River. I find that amazing for a city with a population of nearly 60,000.

This is the generating station. I’m used to seeing dams built across valleys to create lakes from which the turbines are driven. Here, the river has such a tremendous flow that they simply divert it through the turbines as is passes through the city.  What a nice, clean and unobtrusive power plant.

And then they built a lovely park along both sides of the river around the plant.

Of course, Heleigh had to go swimming.

At this point Idaho Falls is the highlight of her trip.


Too long in the wasteland….


Too long in the wasteland of my mind.

I’m not certain it’s a bad thing however.

Yesterday I was at the Grand View overlook in Canyonlands – Island In The Sky. Tourists were in abundance (myself included I suppose). No matter where I walked I couldn’t escape this one couple. Apparently they were unable to think without doing it out loud. There was no escaping them!

This morning I’m leaving the high desert. We’re heading north.

What better way to start a road day than with a real breakfast from a restaurant?  I’ve been wanting an omelette for several days now.

Just how long can someone discuss bacon??? Two couples in a booth behind me managed to do so for the entire duration of my breakfast.

Oh well. I like bacon but can it dominate a conversation for half an hour?

1964 – Silence Is Golden – Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons

Cheers! Dog and I are heading to high country. Thanks for riding along.