Snowbird 2018

Old Joe

Meet Joe.  He is an admitted alcoholic. Apparently he has been one for most of his life.

Joe is the “Camp Host” at Wood Lake Hunt Camp at Sopchoppy Florida.  Wood Lake is a small primitive hunting camp in the forest outside of Sopchoppy.  It’s a no frills place with a couple vault toilets and a spigot for fresh water.

It wasn’t but a couple minutes after my arrival that Joe introduced himself, mentioned that he liks his beer and asked me if I had a couple bucks to spare as he was getting ready to go into town for some beer.  Over the course of my stay, Joe asked for both money and liquor.  Joe also liked to talk.  He said he was from Ireland, served in the U.S. Army, has owned numerous motorcycles and had lived in numerous towns.

Joe lives in an antique aluminum travel trailer, has a broken down 1985 Chevy van and rides a 1981 650cc Yamaha with an expired tag.  once a month when his check hits the bank, he is walking in tall cotton.  The rest of the month, He scrapes by on the kindness of others.

All in all, Joe is a harmless old guy with a lot of stories and a penchant for alcohol.


You who are on the road . . .…

You who are on the road
Must have a code that you can live by
And so become yourself . . .

Crosby Stills and Nash.

While on the road recently, I decided to drop off the radar and camp at a North Florida hunting camp with only 6 spots to camp in. It was a no frills place with one fresh water spigot and a vault toilet.  I wanted to drag my feet for a couple days and what better place than in the middle of nowhere?

There I met a fellow. He was a bit down on his luck but by no means was down and out!  Gothimo Britt Moore is his name.  He is a cancer survivor!  Apparently he was a pro wrestler at one point.  Today he is chasing from music venues to music venue and video recording performances for whatever purpose.  He left Colorado in November heading for Key West.  He was riding a Harley Sportster and apparently left town in a blizzard.  Been there, done that!  Somewhere in Oklahoma he acquired a small trailer he could tow behind his bike which made things a bit easier as he could carry a tent and such. He made it to the panhandle and his bike was spitting out oil as fast as he could pour it in.  He made it as far as Sopchoppy Florida which is where I met him. He had been living in a tent for about 3 weeks while some “motorcycle shop” diagnosed his problem.  Finally, it was determined that it was a rocker box gasket and the shop ordered parts to repair it.  Uh . . . . The parts didn’t arrive and finally Britt collected his oil spewing scooter and headed to Tallahassee.  Britt is a pretty sharp guy who has been around the block.  I enjoyed getting to know him.

Cheers Britt.  I hope your ride is long and enjoyable.  Ride safe!




Annual visit to Circle B Bar Reserve

Puppy and I got up early yesterday and drove out to Circle B Bar Reserve, one of my must visit spots when I am in Florida. Hurricane Irma really damaged it. trees are down everywhere and the best part of the trail along the lake is closed.

I still enjoyed seeing some wildlife. For the first time I saw a Bald Eagle there. It was sitting in a nest that was mostly obscured by cypress trees in front of it. But still, I got to see the eagle.

Of course, I got to see lots of other critters.

I’m sure I’ll return next year. Hopefully this marvelous wildlife preservation area will be fully recovered by then.


Puppy and I are brainstorming.

We’re getting antsy. It’s soon time for our annual Oysters n Beer Odyssey.

I wonder just how many places along the gulf coast we can stop and eat oysters. I mean really good oysters. Not those overgrown tasteless ones like I had from Louisiana last year. And while we’re on the road, where can I find some good subjects or places to photograph?

I’m still searching for derelict boats to shoot. The challenge is finding one close enough to a place I can park MOBI and proceed on foot or perhaps deploy the motorbike to get there. I’ll keep looking. I’ll always keep looking. For the next and then the next.